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Mercury Dasha is an emerging phygital fashion design house that also creates fashion-art nfts.

The concept of fashion-art is a novel approach to exploring fashion because it presents fashion in a non-utility pure art format.


What Is Fashion Art?

Fashion-Art is fashion presented as art. Mercury Dasha uses visual arts presentations in which to tell a story featuring a piece of digital fashion.

In the same way that a fashion show presents a collection on the runway to provide context and bring the piece to life, fashion-art NFTs do the same thing on a micro scale.



BEYOND THE WINDOW is the new 10 piece fashion-art collection by Mercury Dasha. It was created as a remix of a previous collection called DARK ARTS as a limited halloween edition.

In each of the pieces there is a new scene to explore.  The themes are inspired by voodoo and occult traditions and showcase digital couture.



Phygital Fashion

Mercury Dasha does physical and digital fashion. You can wear the pieces in the metaverse for your avatar in spaces such as Decentraland or in gaming experiences such as Roblox.

The idea of a brand having physical and digital options has been termed phygital.


Sustainability, Diversity & Democratization

One of the key benefits of offering digital alternatives to experiencing fashion is that it is a sustainable option as nothing physical is created.

As such there is no cost to the environment in a traditionally very polluting industry.

Another benefit is that it allows brands to be more diverse and make luxury fashion more democratic and affordable for fashion lovers around the world.



What’s Next?

Mercury Dasha is anticipating creating more virtual experiences for its community to enjoy whether gaming experiences or new spaces in virtual reality.

They also want to tie together in a more holistic way the physical and digital experiences so the brand can be a truly immersive experiences. You can find out more at



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