How To Hide NFT On OpenSea (Oct 2022)

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Opensea has a built in function that allows you to hide NFTs from other users. This means that no one will see your NFTs unless you choose to show them.


Go to the NFT listing page.

Click on the “Hide NTF” button at the top right corner of the listing page.


Click on the “Hide NFt” button.

This will remove the NFT from the listing page so no one can buy it.


Enter the amount of NFT tokens you wish to hide.

If you enter 0, then the NFT will not appear at all. However, if you enter 1, then only one NFT will be hidden.


Hit “Save”.

Once you save your changes, you’ll see an option to “Hide NFT.” Click on that button to make your NFT invisible to buyers.


The NFT will now be hidden from buyers.

If you decide to sell your NFT later, you can simply click on the “Show NFT” button to bring back visibility.



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