Lucky Punx NFT Embodies Disruption and Introduces Luck to the Blockchain

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An innovative new Web3 NFT project brings the concept of luck on-chain.

Lucky Punx is a community of creatives brought together by a love of Asian folklore, storytelling and the timeless quest for good fortune.

Ours is a vision to introduce a new wave of art lovers to a space that needs a fresh outlook. Lucky Punx as a collection is audacious, cheeky and irreverent, but accentuates this with unique utility for its holders.

Guaranteeing refreshing distractions, Lucky Punx is a brand that will keep giving back to our community. The project embodies disruptive spirit, but equally an unashamed release from the daily grind. A place to have fun; somewhere to let loose your inner Punx, and live in the moment.

Lucky Punx will be minting in December. Shortly after launch, each holder will be airdropped a Lucky Punx Amulet which can be used to generate $LUCK.

The Lucky Punx founders have been friends since childhood. Between them, they have worked with iconic brands including EA, Disney, SEGA, Calvin Klein and Mercedes. Their passion for the Asian sub-culture aesthetic and Japanese design sensibilities – Manga, Anime, music and fashion – all play a part in helping to shape the brand’s vision.

The team includes Andy Griffin, an award-winning graphic artist, and the creative brains behind 7,777 unique, animated NFTs.

Dave Harrison, one of the 3 founders of Lucky Punx, said: “Lucky Punx is the amalgamation of Andy’s creative skills, interests and screwball imaginings. So, when he first introduced me to his first 3 Punx concepts, it’s fair to say I was immediately fired up and begging for more. Over a year later, it feels electrifying to be launching Lucky Punx. We’re building an escape from the humdrum and slog of reality, into a virtual realm of endless possibilities.”

The Lucky Punx ecosystem will give holders the privileged opportunity to be part of our physical Lucky Punx collectable toy launch, as well as other limited edition merchandise.

The Luckiest Punx – those successful in ascending to the highest Luck Level – will be granted access to the hyper-exclusive Lucky 7 Club.

Dave added: “Through Lucky Punx, our holders have the opportunity to be part of a unique, collaborative society, sharing common interests and always looking for the best of times.”


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